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  • Tourist Info

    Tourist Info

    Drop by for all your tourist information needs for free:
    Mon ~ Sun 08:00 – 21:00

  • Free WiFi

    Free WiFi

    Come in and browse the web, catch up on your mails, or plan what you’d like to continue to do in Nara.


  • Money Exchange

    Money Exchange

    Money exchange machine available in 12 major currencies

  • Prayer Room

    Prayer Room

    Prayer room on hand with all the required essentials

  • Free Wheelchair & Stroller Rental

    08:00 – 20:00
    *Not available as an overnight service

  • Showcasing Nara’s goods
    Showcasing Nara’s goods

    Showcasing Nara’s goods

    We have a fine gallery showcasing many of Nara’s most famous and high-quality goods, some being from manufacturers that have been in business for hundreds of years through multiple generations.

    We don’t sell these goods, but we can introduce you to places that do. If you are looking for a unique souvenir or memorabilia from your trip to Nara, look no further.

  • Research Or Plan Your Perfect Trip

    Research Or Plan
    Your Perfect Trip

    Professional English & Chinese speaking staff will be more than happy to recommend or guide you in making your trip to Nara one of a lifetime.

  • No Reservation Necessary

    No Reservation Necessary

    We cater to our Islamic guests by providing washing facilities and a private room fully equipped with all the necessary items to make prayer.

    Simply ask one of our staff for the room key.

  • Evacuation Center

    NARA Visitor Center & Inn is an official evacuation point in the case of emergencies and natural disasters. We have stockpiles of emergency rations, including halal food, first-aid kits, personal hygiene products and other survival items.


Experience Japanese culture at its finest with our traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and various other culture events

  • Tea Ceremony – SADOU(茶道)

    – Every Wednesday

    Tea Ceremony - SADOU(茶道)
    Tea Ceremony - SADOU(茶道)

    Sadou is the Japanese traditional art of preparing and drinking tea, originally developed from China.

    Although the main purpose is to enjoy tea, the etiquette, performance, utensils, and the style of tea room is unique to Japan; which is what also makes sadou an art form.

    The Nara Visitor Center & Inn welcomes you to take part in our authentic tea ceremony.


    Tea Ceremony - SADOU(茶道)
    Tea Ceremony - SADOU(茶道)

    Private Tea Ceremony 

    It is also possible to book a private tea ceremony with our tea masters at a time more convenient for you.

    The fee is ¥12,000 for between 1-6 people then ¥2,000 per person after that.
    Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.



  • Origami

    – Free Everyday


    With detailed instructions of hundreds of objects, along with a vast array of papers to select from, come in and try some origami for yourself.

    Battle a difficult creation, or try your hand at something simple.
    There’s something for all ages and all levels of patience.

    Best of all, if you get stuck, we are always on hand to assist you.

  • Calligraphy

    – Free Everyday


    Whether you have a steady hand or not, calligraphy is a fun way to express yourself. Our staff will show you your name in Japanese kanji for you to then write out yourself with a specialized calligraphy pen.

    Alternatively, there may be something else you might want to write – we will do our utmost to accommodate your request.

  • Cosplay

    – Free Everyday


    Traditional garb, yukata, sumo suits, ninja outfits, and quite a few more to choose from, feel free to come in and have a bit of childish fun and dress up.

    Take a photo or ask our staff to take a photo for you – it’s a nice memento of your trip to Nara.

    In the age of the ‘selfie’, how could you turn this opportunity down?

  • Barrier Free Mind

    – Official Certification

    NARA Visitor Center & Inn has been officially certified as a barrier-free mind tourist facility by the Japan Tourism Agency.

    This means that we reject any form of discrimination or prejudice and are committed to being open and inclusive, especially to the elderly or those with disabilities. 

    “We will support the creation of more barrier-free facilities and disseminate information about them. We will promote the development of an environment for a safer and more comfortable travel experience for the elderly and people with disabilities.”